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Heated Pet Bed from goYo Pets

During the colder months have you ever woken up to find your dog curled up shivering at the end of the bed. Well this happened to me not that long ago, the guilt I felt knowing I had been tucked up inside my warm duvet had me thinking, I had to do something to make my Buddies pet bed more appealing. I started the search and looked at many online pet stores until I came across a website in the UK selling heated pet beds. Their range of beds was amazing not only for dogs but cats too.

I ended up deciding on a medium sized leopard print dog bed as it looked the most fun and inviting.

I placed the order on Monday evening and by Thursday it arrived amazingly quick delivery, less than 4 days from placing the order in UK and me receiving it in the USA. Something I did forget to mention is this company are based in the UK and as such the bed as standard comes with the UK plug on it, but prior to ordering I messaged the company and they replaced the UK plug to a US one free of charge. If you’re interested in purchasing a new pet bed I would happily recommend you visit their website at

Buddies bed has been used now for just over a month he absolutely loves it, it’s quite annoying because I think he loves it more than he loves me now, he only ever leaves it when I shout dindins or he hears the rustling of his favourite treats coming out the cupboard.

Whether you own a cat, dog, or fish they have lots to see and offer. We also have a Parrot in the family and are looking to buy a new bird cage from them I am still in 2 minds because I am not sure how much the postage will be on such a large item I will have to weigh up my options before I decide.

General Whelping Heating

Puppy Heat Pads

A puppy heat pad is the most common way these days, that litters are kept warm from birth.

Joint issues such as arthritis and rehabilitation from injury are an exceptionally common occurrence in pets. As the cat or dog ages, degeneration to the capsule will occur which hold the adjacent bones together caused by general wear and tear to the joint. This is the cause of the condition, arthritis – the inflammation and friction in the joint cause’s pain and discomfort to the pet which, left untreated, will continue to deteriorate and cause suffering to the pet. Arthritis is very common in larger breeds of dog – such as Labradors, German Shepherds and Great Danes and therefore it is useful to think about preventative measures earlier on in their lives before the pain and discomfort starts to set in. It is not as widely known, but cats will also suffer from arthritis as they age, particularly those who have been very active when they were younger.

It is possible to help support your pet with medication from your veterinary surgeon such as anti-inflammatories or joint support however you can help your pet with some changes in the home too! Warmth is a huge benefit to joints that are painful, therefore providing a warm bed with a constant temperature will give your pet a comfortable place to rest, improving circulation to extremities and helping maintain body temperature – an ideal solution for this is to use a pet heat pad.

Petnap supply premium pet products and can offer pet heat pads for your cat or dog. Available in three different sizes and powered by mains electricity, the Flexiguard Heat Pad for cats and dogs is designed to be left on continuously at an economical running cost.The Cosi Cover is the ideal thickness to ensure the even spread of warmth across the Flexiguard Heat Pad and maintain a temperature close to that of the body temperature of the pet.