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Whelping Kits

If you are breeding a litter this year, whether it is your first or you are a breeder, you will want to be prepared for the birth of the pups! Investing in a range of products and accessories that you may need to rely upon around the time of whelping can save time and panic when the time comes for your bitch to give birth. Whether you are dog lover, kennel owner, breeder or work in a veterinary practice – having the right supplies is essential for a smooth arrival of the puppies or kittens. 

A professional Whelping kit from Petnap can help save time and will ensure you have to hand every item you could need in the event that something does not go to plan. By purchasing a pre-made kit you can save hours of searching and save money at the same time! The whelping kit contains a wide range of products such as disposables (gloves, swabs, sterile cotton buds) , essential tools (scissors, thermometer, stethoscope) and of course feeding items. 
Occasionally the unexpected can occur during the birth process, the bitch may require a c-section and be unable to produce sufficient milk, the litter may be exceptionally large or the bitch may not take to feeding. To ensure your pups receive instant milk in these circumstances the whelping kit contains a specially formulated milk replacement and feeding apparatus. Keeping a whelping kit at home when you are expecting a litter can help avoid emergency situations.